Putting our customers first

Our number one priority is putting our customers first. We are committed to building lasting customer relations based on our ‘customer centric’ value. Our Customer Centric programme emphasises accessibility, easy-to-understand information and communication, as well as listening to customers and making improvements based upon their feedback. The programme includes projects relating to our products, services, advice and managing our organisation.

Among the achievements of our Customer Centric programme in 2012 were the launch of a project to improve the quality of our advice to customers and efforts to improve our complaints handling processes in the Netherlands. We reviewed more than 200 products to check whether they are cost-efficient, safe, understandable and suitable for our customers’ needs. We retained the Customer-Focused Insurance Quality Label issued by ‘Stichting Toetsing Verzekeraars’, an independent foundation dedicated to promoting trust in the insurance sector and we began developing a company-wide policy to deal with customer complaints.

As part of the implementation of Solvency II, we tested our consumer policy with the aim of mitigating risks relevant to customer satisfaction and the Quality Label.

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