In control statement 2012

The Executive Board is responsible for designing and maintaining an adequate system for internal control of financial reporting. Financial reporting is the product of a structured process carried out by our various divisions under the direction and supervision of Group Finance, Control & Tax in cooperation with Group Audit. We monitor changes in the reporting rules and discuss them in good time with our external auditor.

Delta Lloyd Group has voluntarily chosen a process for internal control of financial reporting that is based on SOx 404 principles. However, this statement may not be interpreted as a statement under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Section 404.

In 2012, our business units evaluated the design and effectiveness of the relevant risk management and control systems and classified the outcomes by priority. These outcomes were reviewed at Group level. There are no indications that these will not operate effectively in 2013. Group Audit has discussed the complete range of activities performed in connection with our internal risk management and internal control systems, and the resulting findings, recommendations and measures with the Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board.

With reference to best practice provision II.1.5 of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code on financial reporting risks, the Executive Board believes, to the best of its knowledge, that our internal risk management and control systems provide reasonable assurance that the financial reporting is free of any errors of material importance and that the risk management and control systems worked properly during the reporting year.

Executive Board

Niek Hoek, chairman

Paul Medendorp

Emiel Roozen

Onno Verstegen

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