Every year, the Supervisory Board evaluates its functioning, including the board dynamics referred to above. An external consultant assists the evaluation once every three years. Early in 2011, the Supervisory Board discussed the results of an evaluation performed by PwC. There was an internal evaluation in 2012. The chairman of the Supervisory Board held individual talks with the members of the Supervisory Board on the functioning of the Board as a whole and of the individual members. The Executive Board also gave its comments. The chairman drew up a summary for discussion by the Nomination Committee and then by the plenary Board in the absence of the Executive Board. The vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board undertook a round of interviews on the functioning of the chairman and prepared a report, which was also discussed by the Supervisory Board. The general conclusion of the evaluation was that the Supervisory Board is functioning well. Suggestions for improvements were discussed and no real bottlenecks or serious weaknesses were identified.

DNB and the AFM performed a separate assessment of the expertise of all Supervisory Board members of Delta Lloyd. There was also discussion of the Supervisory Board as a whole.

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