Case: Insurance is a matter of faith

Case: Insurance is a matter of faith

Delta Lloyd puts its customers first. Sometimes we hear touching stories from our customers that stay with us and make it clear how our insurance can really help them in a time of need.

Take the elderly lady who called claims handler Frans van der Linden after she was mugged in the street. Her attackers didn’t steal anything, but they broke her glasses and ripped her coat. According to the rules, Frans wasn’t obliged to compensate her. But she had recently been widowed and was so shaken by her ordeal, he decided to do so anyway. The woman had been a loyal customer for 30 years and had never before claimed for anything. Frans knows that sometimes insurance is a matter of faith between our clients and us.

Insurance is also about building long-standing relationships. Technical advisor from the Expertise Service Center Alfons Lossie has nurtured such a relationship with the management of a veneer company that Delta Lloyd insures. When Alfons first visited the factory he was amazed to see cast-off pieces of veneer laying around, discarded along with the ordinary waste. He told the director of the considerable risks this brought about. In the following years the factory was reorganized and safety and production improved, as well as Alfons’ relationship with the company. When a rival insurer approached them with a much lower premium, Alfons thought he had lost a customer. But the director told Alfons he didn’t care about the price; he valued the relationship and how his company had thrived as a result of Alfons’ advice all those years previously.

Stories such as these illustrate that insurance is not just about compensating people for a loss, it can also help to improve lives and businesses.

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