Case: Meet and tweet

Case: Meet and tweet

Social media can connect people in a way unimaginable until a few years ago. From an early stage, Delta Lloyd has been keen to be involved in social media, using it as an effective way to interact with customers. Our OHRA business has a dedicated social media team covering all product groups and areas of expertise.

The team consists of representatives of all major business units and departments, such as Life, Bank, Health, Online Innovation and Reputation Management, who work together closely on developing initiatives to build and expand customer relationships through social media. “Each of us has our own expertise and approaches social media from a different angle. This is very inspiring and helps break down barriers between departments,” one team member says.

Long gone are the days when we only used one-way communications to inform customers about our products. Today, we strive for customer dialogue and are keen for feedback on our products - positive and negative. Our social media team monitors all relevant social media, constantly looking for opportunities to communicate with customers and get their feedback. ”People talk about us a lot and fortunately mostly in a positive way,” says one of the team members. “At the same time, negative comments are very valuable to us, because they can tell us where we can improve. We also use the questions being asked via social media to develop or improve products and services, sharing them with the right departments internally.”

Delta Lloyd has developed an array of social media and online initiatives, varying from posting films on YouTube to apps that help customers find answers to all their questions about pensions, health insurance and other relevant topics. Our social media initiatives have not gone unnoticed: Delta Lloyd and OHRA were included in the top five of ‘frontrunners in social media’ among 61 Dutch insurers surveyed by the Social Media Insurance Monitor 2012.

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